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Quick and Dirty Tips creates and distributes digital content that offers short, actionable advice from friendly and informed authorities that will help you succeed at school, work, and in life. Quick and Dirty Tips is here to show you that education and entertainment can go hand in hand, and that learning can happen no matter what stage of life you’re in. 

Grammar Girl: Mignon Fogarty is the creator of Grammar Girl and the founder and managing director of Quick and Dirty Tips. Mignon believes that learning is fun, and the vast rules of grammar are wonderful fodder for lifelong study. She strives to be a friendly guide in the writing world.  Mignon Fogarty is the author of New York Times bestseller, Grammar Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips for Better WritingFind all of Grammar Girl's podcasts here: 

Math Dude: The Math Dude makes understanding math easier and more fun than your teachers ever led you to believe was possible. Host Jason Marshall provides clear explanations of math terms and principles, and his simple tricks for solving basic algebra problems will have even the most math-phobic person looking forward to working out whatever math problem comes their way. If you’re getting ready to take the SATs or GREs, or if you’re going back to school and need to brush up on the basics, Math Dude will strengthen your fundamental skills, help you better understand the language of math, and succeed when it comes to taking a test. Jason Marshall, the creator of Math Dude, works as a research scientist at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) studying the infrared light emitted by starburst galaxies and quasars.  Find all of The Math Dude's podcasts here: 


Everyday Einstein: You’ll never fear science again with Everyday Einstein on your side! While evil-doers may try to use fear and sophistry to enslave you, Everyday Einstein uses the power of pure science (with a touch of humor) to reveal the truth behind the world around us. Dr. Lee Falin worked for many years as a software developer in the telecommunications and defense industries before falling in love with writing and education. When not saving the world from evil, Dr. Falin leads a quiet life disguised as a Bioinformatician at the European Bioinformatics Institute.  Find all of Everyday Einstein's podcasts here:

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