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21 Things You Can Do With a Radio Show on PULSE


·         Interview amazing educators and share their insights with others educators across the community.

·         Curate and share powerful teaching strategies, tips and tools.

·         Host a show that aggregates creative project-based learning assignments and publish them on your seacrhcable Show Notes page.

·         Showcase your students' work to a national audience of educators.

·         Offset the negative narrative about education by telling the wonderful stories of the great things happening in your school.

·         Create your own school radio station to update parents and teachers on what's happening in your school (academics, sports, events).

·         Put your pre-established streaming radio show or podcast on the BAM  Radio Pulse to extend your reach, grow your audience and be part the amazing family we call the BAM Radio Network.

·         Create a class radio show to update parents on what's happening in your classroom.

·         Create student shows and have your students interview people from around the world on the subject you're teaching.

·         Bring your written blog to life with radio segments and recorded discussions on your most popular blog posts.

·         Use the Show Notes and BAM TV features to easily share your ideas using multiple mediums.

·         Compile all of your favorite segments from across the network into a single episodes list that automatically becomes a station on BAM Radio Pulse.

·         Host a radio show for your education NGO to connect constituents  and showcase the people on your team and the great work being done.

·         Create your own school radio station to help brand your school.

·         Tweet or post your show to Twitter, Facebook and other top social networks with the click of a button.

·         Raise funds for your school or class project.

·         Follow the radio shows of other great educators and have your show followed as well.

·         Create a district wide radio station to share information among all stakeholders.

·         Authors writing about education can host shows discussing their books and be included on the authors channel

·         Let your voice be heard and help give others a voice on the the all-education radio network.

·         Be heard! Be heard! Finally, be heard! 


Every Educator’s Voice Should Be Heard™

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