Step 2: Send



To upload your show you will need four things: 

    • The title
    • The category
    • A cover image
    • The mp3 sound file you recorded.
  1. Select an interesting title that describes your show.
  2. Check the available categories and decide where to place your show. You can create a new category, but going with established categories will make your show easier to find.
  3. Create an attractive cover image to associate with your show. Look at other cover images on the site for examples.  Cover images should be at least 3x3 inches. Here are to fast, free resources to make your cover image:   
  4. You can add a musical intro to your show using any audio editor like Audacity or Sound Forge
  5. Save your recorded show audio file in the MP3 format. Be sure your sound file is not larger than 10MB.  BAM Radio is a *short form* radio network. All programs are around 10-12 minutes long. The system will accept segments up to a maximum of 10MB, which should cover a 10-12 minute show.
  6. The  BAM Radio Network Station ID will automatically be added to your audio recording. Click here to hear the BRN station ID


 How to upload your show to Pulse  

  1. To upload your show click on the radio show tab at the upper left of your host page.
  2. Click the "+" sign on the right of the radio page to add a new show.
  3. Fill in the form and hit save

       Watch the video below to see the process...



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