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About omiyinka

Greetings, Alafia, Hotep! My name is Omiyinka7Zannu. I have hosted a radio show on two channels for over five years on one, and two years on the ,other radio station. I am also a retired school teacher of over twenty years. My area of endorsment is English Language Learner, ESL, ELL and Child Developement and Family Life! However, I also taught History for many years to middle school students. I obtained my degree from Purdue University in the school of Consumer Science and Family Life. I have taught overseas in Germany ,as a Master, teacher, while on tour with the United States Army in the field of Child Development and Family Life., as a Professional Development Specialist. I was also able to travel on tour with the Soulful gospel Jackson singers, while in Germany. I have an audience of followers , of over 2,000 on the Spreaker station. Where I speak to the class of middle aged women, about their health and beauty.  I am an International Poet and from time to time I do like to feature Poetry Slams on Blog Talk Radio Show. I enjoy working with the youth. Especially, the preschoolers during storytelling hour. I am looking forward to drawing the Master teachers and the storytellers; Like my old friend  Tejumola Ologboni who are willing to share their talents and life stories and experiences, with the world. I feel by these professionals uplifting those who can not speak for themselves, in other words they will be learning to become an , "Advocate" or you could say; A  "Go Between Person".  I would like to develop an online Parent Resource Center where parents can access online materials for their  challenge,and or Specilal Needs children.  I would also like to be able to attract those educational stakeholders who hold administrative positions to the show in order to obtain their input on various topics such as; Re-establishing our Assistive Technology Departments ,within Parent Resource Centers throughout the communities and state, as well!

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