Second Hand Compliments- Your MissionMonday.Com School Climate Intervention.

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Second Hand Compliments- Your MissionMonday.Com School Climate Intervention.

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About MissionMonday

Mark Johnson and Sam Stecher have served as teachers, coaches, and administrators. They have provided instruction, training, and leadership at every level from elementary school to university institutions. Through, as well as the opportunity to speak at conferences and schools, Mark and Sam have been able to connect with thousands of educators nationwide. This endeavor began in a little coffee shop where two good friends would get together to talk about their successes and failures in their lives as educators. Logically, it grew beyond the classroom to wanting to change the world, one interaction at a time. Consider this your invitation to join in with us.

If you have an interest in bringing to your school/community, please feel free to use the conventional modes of communication (phone, mail, email) or any of the social media resources found at, including our twitter account @Misson_Monday.  We provide full day or partial day training designed to inform, inspire, and equip school staff and communities with a plan to positively impact your school climate.
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