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Jim Detwiler & Chad Caddell
About Jim Detwiler & Chad Caddell

Jim Detwiler is the Assistant Superintendent for Learning Support for the Boone County Schools, KY.  He is a former elementary school principal and music teacher, and a frequent Magic Bean Buyer.  Jim promotes developing students' 21st century learning skills through project based learning. He is often heard telling students, "Go Make Stuff!" He is an Ed.D student with interests in parent engagement and teacher dispositions. Jim is inspired by teachers, parents, and students who "color outside the lines" and take risks in learning.  Jim is most happy when he is with his beautiful wife and two children lost in Orte, Italy. Jim is a 2014 Bammy Award Nominee and a 2014 Kentucky PTA Outstanding Educator. You can find Jim on Twitter @JimDetwiler1, and read his blog, "This Is Where MY Sidewalk Ends"


Chad Caddell is the drama teacher at Stephens Elementary School in Boone County, KY.  He is a 2014 Break the Mold Teaching Award winner. Chad is the founder of the annual Artspalooza festival at Stephens, and he is the driving force behind an incredible Strong Fathers program at his school, the 2014 Kentucky PTA Penguin Award winner for outstanding fathers group. Not only does Chad engage students in a fun fast-paced drama class, he also engages adults as a stand-up comedian and frequent speaker for parent groups.  Chad is passionate about helping young students develop a sense of belonging, and he has authored a mentoring program called "Ment2be".  You can find Chad on Twiiter at @laughwithchad


Jim Detwiler             Chad Caddell


You may have seen Jim and Chad's "Snowhemian Rhapsody" Nutty School Closing when it went viral on Youtube in February 2014.

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