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We're excited to announce that we've solved a problem we've been thinking about for some time. Namely, how do we enable more educators' voices to be heard on BAM Radio?

The answer we’ve come up with is Pulse, a new channel that will open BAM Radio Network and allow more educators than ever to host a show and have their voices heard.

The new channel will give educators access to BAM Radio's national and international audience of educators, parents, education thought leaders, game changers and people passionate about education. The possibilities are breathtaking, and we are piloting several projects that will leverage this new channel and demonstrate what can be done when every stakeholder in the education village has a voice and a platform to be heard.

We invite you to take a look at the beta version of the new channel and let you imagination fly.To help, we've published 21 Things You Can Do With a Radio Show on BAM Radio Network.We see exciting possibilities. We hope you do too!



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Things you can do on BAM Radio Pulse

By errolsmith, 2014-02-21

Really excited today. Realized that the myriad ways in which educators can be empowered on BAM Radio Pulse might not be immediately obvious to all.  So just for fun we started brainstorming on the possibilities.  When we paused to  take a break, we were astounded by what was written down on the page.  The relatively short, hardly comprehensive list of possibilities had completely altered our thinking about how this new channel could be used. Indeed, we thought it was such a game changer that we decided to publish the list and make it a top level menu item.

To see this eye-opening list of 21 things you can do with BAM Radio Pulse click the OPTIONS tab on the navigation bar above.  Hope it gets you thinking about the awesome possibilities!  

We know this list is by no means exhaustive and we fully expect to see even more imaginative ideas surface as creative minds begin to collaborate with this tool.  So we plan to update this list as the great ideas start rolling out on the Pulse site.


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Every week we receive queries from people who would like to host a show on BAM Radio.  However, our production capacity has reached it's limits making it impossible to put many great voices and show ideas on the air.  As we thought about how to solve this problem, we considered many options --from hiring more production staff, to outsourcing production.  We eventually concluded that the best way to solve this problem is to open up the network and turn production over the hosts.  The hosts would focus on creating the show and we would focus on creating great ways to connect these voices and ensure that they are heard.   

We are very excited about this new channel and the possibilities it offers for all educators.  Content creation has been democratized. There are so many tools to make it easy.  The hard part is connecting that content to the ideal audience -- in short, being heard.  This is our strength and this is what we'll bring to the collaboration.   

This is the beta site for Pulse. It has lots of great features that we don't have on the original site. But this is just the beginning. We are  planning an array of cool features that will empower educators to be heard and to even generate revenue from their radio programs.  So put this channel on your watch list and at minimum, start an account,  so you can get access to all of the current features.    Stay tuned!  Lots of exciting new things ahead...




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