How to Get Today’s Music Students to Practice More

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How to Get Today’s Music Students to Practice More

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02/27/14 08:11:42PM @donna-schwartz on "How to Get Today’s Music Students to Practice More" :
Thanks Errol and BAM for all your help and for giving me the opportunity to host a show. I am looking forward to opening up a dialogue and connecting with many music teachers.
02/27/14 07:09:20PM @errol-st-clair-smith on "How to Get Today’s Music Students to Practice More" :
Awesome Donna! Mega-kudos on your first show. You are a quick study and everything from your recording quality to your cover graphics came out well. You're off to an excellent start. I think your show is timely and your comments about Common Core were very relevant. We look forward to your next episode!
Donna Schwartz
About Donna Schwartz

Donna Schwartz is a public school Band Director, General Music teacher, Jazz Band

Director, Private Teacher and Professional Musician with over 26 years experience.

She was a Jenkins Award, PTA-recognized Teacher of the Year in 2008, and has

had countless students get accepted into All County, All New York State ensembles, as well as USDAN, and Pre-College divisions at Juilliard and Manhattan School of Music.

She performs on saxophones in large theatres and festivals, and has performed with Vicci Martinez (Season One Finalist on the hit NBC Series, The Voice) Richie Cannata (saxophonist from Billy Joel's band) and Bobby Rondinelli (from Blue Oyster Cult and Black Sabbath).

Donna has written guest articles for the Association of Music Parents, LIGHT, Practical Home Schooling, the Zoen Network, DANSR and SBO (School Band and Orchestra) Magazine. Her website, has videos and articles for solutions to common performance problems, and she offers Online Video Lessons for beginning musicians.

(The Podcast theme song was composed and arranged by Donna Schwartz.)

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