Unique Opportunities for Students to Produce Videos in High School

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Unique Opportunities for Students to Produce Videos in High School

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03/07/14 04:26:06AM @andreas-auwaerter :
Don Thanx this is inspiring and awesome.
03/06/14 10:03:17AM @errol-st-clair-smith :
You are doing a wonderful job with your students Don. These students are very engaging and dynamic and make a strong case for other schools having a similar program. You are demonstrating the power of project-based learning and mastering strong communication skills. Very impressive!
Don Goble
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Don Goble is an award-winning Broadcast Technology, Film and Multimedia Instructor at Ladue Horton Watkins High School in St. Louis, Missouri. Mr. Goble speaks nationally at conferences and conventions, offering educators innovative ways to incorporate video into the classroom. Mr. Goble advocates for technology and digital media in the classroom by blogging for national education publications, by offering professional development to his staff and schools all over the country, and by serving as a media creator himself. Mr.Goble was a part of the 2011 Apple Distinguished Educator class. To learn more about Mr. Goble and the sites he blogs for, visit his About.Me profile. 

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