What Are Classroom Habitudes? Why Do They Matter?

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What Are Classroom Habitudes?  Why Do They Matter?

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Angela Maiers
About Angela Maiers

Whether she is addressing an auditorium full 

of educators or sitting on the floor helping 

first graders find their way into the pages 

of a great book, Angela Maiers’ message is 

the same. Literacy changes lives. As a teacher 

educator, author and consultant, Angela has 

spent the past twenty-two years working 

diligently to help learners of all ages succeed 

by recognizing their power as readers, writers, 

and global communicators.

Today, Angela is at the forefront of Web 2.0 

technologies and keeping her eye toward 

Web 3.0. An active blogger and social 

media evangelist, she is deeply committed 

to helping learners of all ages understand 

the transformational power of literacy and 

the potential of technology as a vehicle 

and platform for their success in school and 

beyond. Concerned that nearly a billion people 

in the world lack basic literacy, she believes 

the time is now to lay the groundwork for a 

new vision literacy education; one with world 

changing implications.

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